Kendall GT-1 MAX 0w-20 Motor Oil

Kendall GT-1 MAX 0w-20 Motor Oil

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Kendall GT-1 Max 0w-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil with LiquiTek

Kendall GT-1 Max 0w-20 Motor Oil is a full synthetic automotive engine oil designed to provide excellent engine protection for both turbocharged gasoline direct injection, conventional gasoline-fueled and flex-fueled passenger cars and light trucks under all operating conditions. It is particularly recommended for vehicles operating at extreme temperatures or under severe driving conditions, such as towing heavy loads. The full-synthetic formulation, compared with conventional engine oils, provides improved protection against viscosity breakdown and deposit formation at high temperatures; lower volatility for reduced oil consumption; and faster oil circulation at low temperatures for easier starting and better protection during cold starts. Our LiquiTek additive package provides increased engine protection by providing increased engine cleanliness and reduced wear. Reduced friction also helps improve fuel economy performance beyond ILSAC GF-6 requirements.

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*LiquiTek is Kendalls latest additive formulation replacing the previous Liquid Titanium additive formulation.


  • Turbocharged gasoline direct-injection
  • Conventional gasoline-fueled and flex-fuel passenger cars
  • Light trucks and sport utility vehicles 
  • Gasoline-electric hybrids, especially when operating under severe conditions
  • Four-stroke cycle gasoline engines in other mobile or stationary equipment

Specifications and Approvals

  • API Service SP, SN PLUS with Resource Conserving
  • GM dexos1 Gen3
  • Chrysler MS-6395
  • Ford WSS-M2C962-A1 
  • GM6094M (obsolete specification)

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  • 5

    Posted by jimmy on Oct 14 2017

    Best motor oil at a great price.

  • 5
    Kendall GT-1 MAx 0W-20

    Posted by None on Apr 17 2017

    Excellent oil at a great price. Thanks!

  • 5
    Perfect formula for Subaru

    Posted by George Filchak on Feb 10 2017

    I came across this oil 5 years ago for my Subaru Forester with a FB 2.5 engine. I change my oil every 3,500 miles religiously. Subaru has a concern about excessive oil consumption with these vehicles, but after an recent 19 hundred mile trip I only consumed a half a quart. This Kendall 0-20 oil really works well for me and it's less expensive than some of the big National brands.

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